Better Living 2030 and the Team of Change-Makers

We are a global home appliance company present in millions of homes around the world and we strongly believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives and for the planet through our products and solutions. As we look towards 2030, we want to turn to the very people who will be setting up their own homes between now and then: the youth of today.


To do this, we are first conducting a global study with almost 14 000 youths, between 15 and 20 years old, to help us understand the next generation’s thoughts and dreams about their own future living.


Our second step is where the Team of Change-Makers comes in:


We have called on driven and socially aware youths between the ages of 15 to 20 from all around the world to join our Team of Change-Makers for a series of sessions to explore solutions for a better tomorrow.


The Team of Change-Makers will be announced in September and is a group comprised of you, the youth of today, internal experts at Electrolux, and Change-makers already active and driving societal change today.


The exploration sessions

The exploration sessions will be held virtually and will take the participants through an innovation process — from the initial understanding phase all the way to exploring actual solutions. This will happen through a mix of workshops and interviews, led by the Electrolux Innovation Hub, our in-house innovation team.


The Electrolux Innovation Hub

The Electrolux Innovation Hub consists of a dedicated research and design team with a mission to positively challenge the present, research the future and define innovative solutions and visionary concepts with the power to accelerate change towards a better, more sustainable tomorrow – for both people and the planet. With an agile innovation approach, the team explores, rejects and develops solutions at a rapid pace. The Innovation Hub applies a network approach and has a diverse collaboration setup consisting of change-makers from in and outside the industry: experts, creatives and forward thinkers around the world that share the vision to shape living for the better.


What happens if you’re selected

If you apply, you will be contacted by the end of June about whether or not you have made the team.


Before you join the Team of Change-Makers, you, together with your legal guardian(s) if you are under the age of 18, will enter into an agreement with Electrolux regulating your participation in the team and the exploration sessions.


In addition to the experience of working together with an established company in an innovation process, you will receive a token of our appreciation for your participation and a certificate to use in your future resumé.

The Better Living Program is a project by Electrolux. If you have any questions about the program, please write to us at: